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Condition monitoring

Vibration measurement on a water turbine
Vibration measurement on a water turbine

For status evaluation of a technical system, we offer measurement and analysis of vibration and loads during operation.

Vibration measurement allows transformation of the recorded time dependent signal into frequency dependent data by means of FFT. By this, the dominant frequencies can be identified and compared with characteristic excitations.

Thus, e. g. imbalanced mass, gearing faults or bearing damages can be identified without the necessity of disassembling the related system and resulting production interruption.

Vibration measurement on gearbox
Sensors on wheelset gearbox

Measurement of acceleration during operation can be very helpful for evaluation of impact intensity. E. g. wheelset gearboxes of railway applications are exposed to statistically distributed shocks which can be traced back especially to track conditions. Sections in poor shape are very challenging to mechanical structure and therefore do frequently lead to fatigue damages of bogie parts. By measuring of occuring accelerations in combination with proper post processing methods, one can identify most critical sections and then trigger necessary repair actions.

For industrial installations, such measurements can be highly beneficial as well. Mixing processes like e. g. during rubber production go along with significant dynamics which are highly dependent on composition of compounds and process parameters. If new processes will be introduced, those might lead to load peaks that have not been considered during initial configuration and therefore could be critical. Theoretically, such changes require torque measurement which cause plenty of effort. Qualitative estimation of acceleration level by quickly applicable sensors can therefore be a smart alternative especially since impact of certain process parameters can be studied efficiently.

Inspection and endoscopy

Particle indentations in spherical roller bearing
Particle indentations in spherical roller bearing

Especially in case of large systems which are hard to access, regular inspection by means of endoscopy is recommended. By this, damages can be detected at an early stage allowing proper preparation of repair measures including purchasing of required spare parts and planning of the related shutdowns.

Apart from that, decisions whether a system which is already damaged may be opearated safely until next regular shutdown or has to be set out of operation immediately can be supported by endoscopy.

Therefore, endoscopy and inspection should be carried out especially if there is already a detected conspicuity such as unusual vibrations or particles in the oil or if any unexpected stop would leas to highly significant commercial losses.