Meter Bearings starts collaboration with Elgeti Engineering
At the Hannover Messe, Meter Bearings and Elgeti Engineering announce their new partnership on...

FERSA-NKE purchases bearing endurance test rig by Elgeti Engineering
In order to expand their testing capabilities, FERSA-NKE purchases a bearing test rig...

Test runs using our test rigs

Rolling contact bearings

For the verification of rolling contact bearings, lifetime test rigs are available which are suitable for bearings with outer diameters up to 310 mm. Each test rig is equipped with a speed controlled drive system and hydraulic system for  the also controlled introduction of test loads which.  This provides not only maximum accuracy of the test parameters but also the possibility of variable speeds or loads without any additional effort which is necessary for  realizing of, e. g., a defined running-in time with reduced load.

During the test runs, temperatures at different measuring points, vibrations and motor torque are continuously monitored and recorded, while the measuring concept may be adapted flexibly according to your requests.

The test rigs are suitable for different kinds of lubrication such as grease, splash or circular lubrication. Even test runs with defined lubricant contamination are possible.

Apart from lifetime tests on our test rigs, we can also offer you the conception, design, construction and delivery of test rigs according to your specification.

(Shown in the figure: EELPAX-310, an axial bearing test rig for bearings up to 310 mm outer diameter)


In order to investigate lubrication properties, we developed the test rig type EELPAX-130 (see figure). The EELPAX-130 is suitable for all combinations of rotational speed, load and temperature which are mentioned in DIN 51819. Furthermore, as its is typical for our bearing test rigs, time dependent variable test parameters are possible which allow different load steps without stopping or disassembling the test rig.

Comparable to the above described bearing test rigs, hydraulic systems are used in this application too, leading to a significant advantage concerning accuracy compared to the plate springs which are mentioned in the related standard.

Furthermore, the huge flexibility of this test rig makes it possible to leave the borders of the standard to carry out sophisticated research investigations at reasonable costs.

Radial sealing rings

By slight modification of our bearing test rigs, it becomes possible to carry out test runs on radial sealing rings. The measured quantities are oil leakage (continuously), wear width of the sealing lips and the wear depth of the shaft (both at the end of the test run). Apart from the size of the sealing, the test parameters are especially:

  • rotational speed
  • temperature
  • lubrication and
  • eccentricity.