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Seminar Program Overview

As a consulting company, it is our pleasure to share our knowledge with you. We offer our standard seminar program three times a year in an online format. The programs are available below:

– Seminar program, fall 2021: online

– Seminar program, winter 2022: PDF | online

– Seminar program, spring 2022: PDF | online

– Seminar program, fall 2022: PDF | online

Additionally, we also offer seminar programs customized for your company either online or at your location. Topics can be selected from below or tailored to suit your individual needs. To request more information or a quote, please contact us.

New for Fall 2021: To help non-native English speakers get the most out of our seminars, we have prepared vocabulary lists of important terms and their definitions for several languages.

Basics of Bearing Technology

This seminar provides basic knowledge of bearing technology for the design of bearing arrangements, their lubrication, and lifetime calculations.

The seminar covers the following topics:

  • Types, properties, and concepts
  • Basics of tribology
  • Raceway crowning
  • Material properties
  • Lifetime calculation

*NEW* Application Engineering

Developed due to popular request! This brand new two-part advanced seminar builds upon the basics by taking a closer look at application-related calculations and considerations.

The seminar covers the following topics:

  • General design recommendations
  • Grease lubrication
  • Examples for advanced bearing calculations
  • Acceleration on bearings – plantary gearboxes, eccentric rotors
  • Cages exposed to vibrations
  • Failure modes, design and testing method

Development of Bearing Suppliers and Quality Control during Purchasing

seminar program

The ability to source bearings globally opens up many opportunities for optimizing supplychains. However, any new supplier approval goes along with a certain quality risk.

This seminar focuses on the following subjects:

  • Definition of quality requirements and technical specifications
  • The approach during supplier visits and audits
  • Requirements for documentation of production
  • Methods for incoming inspections
  • Concepts for quality control

Bearing Failures: Investigation and Analysis of Practical Examples

Identifying and understanding the root causes of failures is necessary in order to initiate the required countermeasures. This seminar shows, based on practical examples, how damage characteristics can be identified and which conclusions they lead to.

The seminar covers the following topics:

  • Methods for damage investigation
  • Damage mechanisms
  • Quality characteristics of bearings
  • Examples from numerous applications

Preventative Maintenance and Condition Monitoring of Industrial Gearboxes

In many technical systems, breakdowns of certain components can significantly affect production and lead to enormous costs. Detection of damages at an early stage helps to minimize downtime and avoid secondary damages, highly reducing the overall cost of a breakdown.

This seminar focuses on the following subjects:

  • Investigation of lubricants
  • Regular inspection and endoscopy
  • Vibration measurement and analysis of obtained results
  • Automation of shutdown in case of detected defect

Supplier Development for Large Industrial Gearboxes and Quality Control during Purchasing

Large industrial gearboxes are typically produced in small series. Individualized solutions are also frequently requested and require an especially close collaboration between the supplier and customer. The clear communication of requirements, verification of technical concepts, and a general assessment of production processes are essential.

This seminar covers the following topics:

  • Structure and content of technical specifications
  • Verification of technical documents such as drawings, stress, and lifetime calculation for parts
  • Approach during supplier visits and audits
  • Requirements related to documentation of production
  • Methods for incoming and production related inspection

Basics of Machine Accoustics – Reduction of Noise by Design Measures

The avoidance of noise emission is one of the important requirements of a technical system and noise protection covers are frequently expensive in addition to other disadvantages. It can be much more efficient to prevent noise emission in the first place through proper design measures instead of encapsulating noisy machines. Such measures are especially relevant to the design of housings.

This seminar covers the following topics:

  • Basics of machine accoustics
  • Excitation forces
  • Structure-born noise
  • Noise radiation
  • Rules for low noise design

Bearing Installation (Europe only)

Installing bearings on our seminar trailer

Faulty installation is one of the most frequent root causes of premature failures in bearings. We offer an individualized, hands-on training in our seminar trailer at your location anywhere in Europe. You will learn to properly use tools like an inductive heater or workshop press, to safely avoid damages, and to adjust axial and radial clearances.

The following excercises are conducted:

  • Changing the ball bearings of an electric motor
  • Mounting cylindrical and spherical roller bearings
  • Measuring and adjusting the axial clearance of an assembly
  • Measuring and adjusting the radial clearance of spherical roller beearings with a conical bore

The seminar takes about 4 hours and is appropriate for groups of up to four people. We are also happy to tailor the session to your special applications. Please feel free to contact us directly to coordinate details according to your requirements!