Meter Bearings starts collaboration with Elgeti Engineering
At the Hannover Messe, Meter Bearings and Elgeti Engineering announce their new partnership on...

FERSA-NKE purchases bearing endurance test rig by Elgeti Engineering
In order to expand their testing capabilities, FERSA-NKE purchases a bearing test rig...


The mission of Elgeti Engineering GmbH is to analyze and to describe technical interrelationships using the latest engineering methods. Furthermore, our own capacities are permanently complemented by close cooperation with qualified partners. This allows us to take even very complicated cases and to offer all-embracing services.

From our point of view, both detailed documentation of all investigation steps and clear statements concerning the conclusion are absolutely necessary. In this context, we are just obliged to the technical interrelationships so we do not take care of any company related political issue. As our customer, you may choose whether we shall exclusively discuss our assessment with yourself or whether we shall use our investigation result in order to moderate between the related companies or even different departments within your company. 

We are aware that our customers typically are pressed for time, so we are willing to minimize project duration time without any loss of investigation quality. We are able keep sufficient capacities available allowing us, in most cases, to start even small projects immediately so that results may be presented as soon as possible.

In order to work on your orders in the most efficient way, high levels of motivation, toughness and especially health of all employees are necessary. For this reason, the working conditions in our company are optimized to allow everyone to perform close to their limits providing you with the best possible service. In this context, team spirit and individual health are strengthened by regular corporate sport exercises.

In our point of view, sport spirit is both expression and origin of ethical and professional action and why the focus of our social engagement is related to children's sport activities. Generally, the support of children corresponds to our self-image as a family-friendly family owned enterprise.