Meter Bearings starts collaboration with Elgeti Engineering
At the Hannover Messe, Meter Bearings and Elgeti Engineering announce their new partnership on...

FERSA-NKE purchases bearing endurance test rig by Elgeti Engineering
In order to expand their testing capabilities, FERSA-NKE purchases a bearing test rig...

Other consulting and support

Metallography and material analysis

For the purpose of material analysis of metal parts, our metallographic laboratory is available according to your needs. By using a wet cutting machine equipped with a cutting disc of 300 mm diameter, material samples can be taken out of medium-sized parts without any thermal influence.
Warm mounting press and automatic polishing machine will be used in order to prepare the metallographic specimens for determination of degree of cleanliness and identification of internal defects such as inclusions, cavities, cracks etc. by means of optical microscopy.
Subsequent etching of specimens allows investigation of microstructure. In case of e. g. gears and bearings, especially nital etching using alcoholic resolution of nitric acid is very common. By this approach, both the kind of the structure and grain size can be determined.
Our laboratory is equipped with different optical microscopes which allow up to 1000 times amplification for metallography. Apart from that, special devices for investigation of fracture faces and worn surfaces are available too.


Endoskopie eines Großgetriebes
In context of preventive maintenance of e. g. large industrial gearboxes, regular endoscopy can help to detect damages on gears, bearings etc. and extraordinary wear at an early stage. Especially in production plants, where standstill causes high  costs due to production loss, detailed documention of damages by means of gearbox endoscopy can contribute a lot to schedule efficient repair actions in order to minize downtime.
Our 3 m long endoscope is equipped with a two-directional swiveling sensor allowing even inspection of areas which are very difficult to access.

Numerical simulation / Finite elements analysis

We use finite elements simulation in different contexts of structural analysis such as strength assessment, determination of stresses and deflections, calculation of natural frequencies and vibration modes and many others.
Apart from that, we have plenty of experience related to contact simulation of bearings and gears in order to calculate pressure distribution considering overall deflection of housing and shafts due to operation loads. The purpose of such investigations typically is optimization of microgeometry, raceway crowning and gear modification plus simultaneous discussion of manufacturing tolerances. 

As a matter of course, our knowlegde and experience are available to you for issues not described yet such as:

  • development of analytical calculation methods for the distortion behaviour of large electric motors
  • assessment and supervision of repair actions
  • product FMEA, e. g. on drive systems with possible fatal risks
  • etc.
If you see further options of cooperation, please contact us!