Sales cooperation with FVA GmbH for North America
On FVA Information Conference in Würzburg, FVA GmbH and Elgeti Engineering GmbH agree on...

Vacant Position: Project and sales engineer, Valparaiso, Indiana
For our subsidiary in Valparaiso Indiana, we are looking for a project and sales engineer who...

Welcome to Elgeti Engineering GmbH!

We are pleased to offer you our expertise in failure analysis in mechanical engineering, supplier development and other subjects  related to mechanical drivetrains such as test rig investigations or field tests.

The work of Elgeti Engineering GmbH is based on a broad spectrum of sophisticated engineering methods, for which apart from highly qualified personnel, a well equipped testing area and a materials laboratory are available. This allows us to support you by our own capacities even in case of very complex projects.

As a member of Forschungsvereinigung Antriebstechnik, our expertise is related to results and findings of latest research projects.

  • Damage expertise / Failure

    In cases of damages or failures of machines or plants, we will determine the related root causes and valid counter measures.

  • Development of test rigs

    We deliver test rigs for limetime tests on bearings, lubrication tests referring to DIN 51819 and other purposes according to your specification.


  • Qualification of bearing suppliers


    Besides testing of samples on our test rigs, we also audit the manufacturers allowing you to develop new possibilities for purchasing.


  • Tests on bearings, lubricants etc.

    Using our test rigs, we are able to test bearings with outer diameters up to 310 mm. Testing of lubricants and sealings are possible too.


  • Field tests and measurements

    In the context of testing components or aggregates in real environment, we can support you during conception, execution, measuring and inter- pretation of test results.


  • Other consulting

    Further scopes of our work are especially material analysis, metallography, gearbox endoscopy, FMEA and numerical simulation by means of finite elements analysis.