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Sales Cooperation with FVA GmbH for North America

On FVA Information Conference in Würzburg, FVA GmbH and Elgeti Engineering GmbH agree on a sales cooperation for the North American Market. Elgeti Engineering GmbH shall officially promote software products by FVA GmbH such as Workbench which is a powerful tool for design and verification of gearboxes and related machine elements.

Hagen Elgeti, General Manager of Elgeti Engineering GmbH, states: “In our daily business, we are frequently confronted with unexpected damages of machinery which in many cases can only be solved by enhanced design. Therefore, it is highly interesting to not only identify the root causes but also help our customers by providing them with the proper tools for solving such matters based on latest state of research. Apart from that, the collaboration with a powerful partner like FVA GmbH that contributes enormous knowledge and expertise to our daily work and will help us to move our daily work to a higher level of technology.”

Norbert Haefke, General Manager of FVA GmbH adds: “With the help of our extraordinary expert-network we are able to transfer the latest research results into highly sophisticated software solutions within a very short period of time which suits perfectly to the daily work of our customers. This allows us to quickly make unexplained phenomena transparent and understandable which helps in particular the experts of Elgeti Engineering who are confronted daily with the most unusual cases of damage. By using the latest calculation methods, we can offer highest level damage analysis together with the experts from Elgeti Engineering. This enables us to offer a highly attractive service portfolio, particularly in the North American market.”