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Neuer Artikel: Experimental High Frequency Analysis of the Electric Impedance of Rolling Bearings

2 November, 2020

“When scientific research aims to break down the existing limits of machine elements, the associated equipment must meet the highest demands. Professor Kirchner and his team at the Technical University of Darmstadt (TUD) intend to use the electrical properties of rolling contact bearings for various purposes, including as sensors. This endeavor poses two particular challenges: measuring the bearing’s impedance at high frequency and understanding how the associated high frequency electric currents might impact bearing life. For this purpose, Elgeti Engineering GmbH built a special test rig which is capable of applying and measuring high frequency electric currents and voltages on all four of its stations.”

Der Wälzlagerprüfstand EELPRAAX-80-4-E von Elgeti Engineering wurde für die Forschung verwendet.

“The first research results were announced at the BearingWorld International Conference in October 2020. We are very pleased to share the associated article and are proud to support the highest level of academic research. Many thanks to Georg Martin, Tobias Schirra, and Prof. Dr. Eckhard Kirchner for the excellent collaboration and good luck with the further research!”

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